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Available for innovation catalyst & partner, keynote speaker
.chief thought provoker

I’m Murat, a passionate leader in the fields of marketing and innovation, with a deep connection to creativity and technology. I’ve founded a group of companies, including Crimson Consulting & Partners, all of which have adopted the DAO business model. This novel approach to business elevates innovation to a partnership level, something I’m incredibly proud of. With over 20 years of experience in communication, technology, and digital innovation, I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning every day.

My focus is on the optimal combination of creativity and technology in the projects I’m involved in. I love bringing new business ideas to life with my knowledge and passion. This enthusiasm is something I strive to reflect in the experiences I share with my audience.

I firmly believe that when creativity, technology, and effective strategies come together, brands can achieve valuable transformation. I share my knowledge and experiences across various platforms, from educational videos to live events. I believe in the power of the intellectual connection I establish with my participants, and my aim is to contribute to everyone’s personal and professional journey. With this approach, I consistently provide new perspectives and enrich the learning process at all times.

My ultimate goal is to explore the limitless potential of technology and creativity. By sharing this exploration with my participants, I hope to propel them forward on their own innovation journeys. Join me as we shape the future together.

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